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Electronic Ballast Manufacturer in China

TECHONE is an ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer and supplier of electronic ballast and street lighting system, located in China. We supply industries with electronic ballast, digital ballast, metal halide electronic ballast, emergency lighting kit, and more. Our products have an input voltage range of 9-110V DC and 36-440V AC, and output power of 35-4200W, and have found applications in street lighting, hydroponics lighting, outdoor lighting, stage lighting and UV medical treatment fields.

  • 70W HPS Electronic Ballast
  • 70W HPS Electronic BallastStrike voltage :3kV max
    Required lamp voltage : 85~130V
    Voltage input range: 100Vac~268Vac
    Input frequency : 50Hz~60Hz ...
  • 250W HPS Electronic Ballast
  • 250W HPS Electronic Ballast Required lamp voltage : 85~130V
    Voltage input range :90Vac~268Vac / 168~268Vac
    Rating V. In : 120/220/230/240Vac ...
  • 400W HPS Electronic Ballast
  • 400W HPS Electronic BallastInput frequency : 50Hz~60Hz
    Power factor :>0.99
    Voltage input range : 100Vac~268Vac
    Required lamp voltage :85~130V ...
  • 1000W HPS Electronic Ballast
  • 1000W HPS Electronic Ballast Strike voltage : <4kV max
    Voltage input range :100Vac~268Vac
    Input frequency :50Hz~60Hz
    Power factor :>0.99 ...
  • 575W MH/HPS Electronic Ballast
  • 575W MH/HPS Electronic BallastStrike voltage : 3.5~5kV
    Required lamp voltage:85~130V
    Voltage input range : 168Vac~268Vac
    Input frequency :50Hz~60Hz ...
  • 100W Digital Ballast
  • 100W Digital BallastVoltage input range : 100Vac~268Vac
    Rating V. In : 120/220/230/240Vac
    Input frequency: 50Hz~60Hz
    Power factor : >0.99 ...
  • 150W Digital Ballast
  • 150W Digital BallastOutput power(optional dimming) : 2 / 3 ways step dimming, 0~10V continuous dimming Current crest factor: <1.5 Output frequency : >30K Hz ...
  • 575W Digital Ballast
  • 575W Digital BallastStrike voltage: 3.5~5kV
    Required lamp voltage: 85~130V
    Voltage input range: 168Vac~268Vac
    Rating V. In: 220/230/240Vac ...

In order to ensure quality, we have established a complete quality control system. We use high performance production equipment, the latest production technologies, and employ talented technicians and skilled workers who monitor our products and manufacturing equipment. We have a whole department of technicians who monitor raw material and component acquisition, as well as each production step. Before being delivered, TECHONE electronic ballast and digital ballast are given extreme temperature aging tests and lifespan tests as well as QA test reports are included in the shipment. By monitoring the production process, the shipment process and making sure our products are tested for endurance, our lamp ballast will reach you intact.

We strive to offer the lowest product prices for our customers. Our highly efficient chip mounting machines, wave welding machines and assembly lines allow us to greatly improve our production efficiency and reduce labor cost. Carefully selected material and component suppliers guarantee the lowest purchasing cost. We also enjoy tax benefits from the Chinese government as a high-tech enterprise in China. Easy access to international airports, highways, seaports and railways contributes to reduced shipping and transportation costs. Our reliable product performance and economical prices have made TECHONE electronic ballast and digital ballast popular with ZTE, Huawei, NSN, Phillips, OSRAM and Ocean King, among others.

In addition to quality lamp ballast and lighting system, we also provide complete, professional customer service. For more information, please contact us using our contact page!