1000W Digital Ballast

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1000W Digital Ballast
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1000W Digital Ballast        
Model # HPS-1000W-HNN / HSN / HCN    
  Ventilation: Fan cooling        
Specification Parameters       Applications  
Strike voltage <4kV max              
Required lamp voltage 90~150V(EU)/220~290V(US)    
Voltage input range 100Vac~268Vac      
Rating V. In 120/220/230/240Vac      
Input frequency 50Hz~60Hz          
Power factor >0.99          
Efficiency 90%          
THD <10%          
Output power(optional dimming) non-dim/ 50%(500W)-75%(600W)-100%(1000W)  
Current crest factor <1.5          
Output frequency >30K Hz          
Protection of short circuit Yes          
Protection of open circuit Yes          
Protection of ignition failure Yes          
Protection of thermal Yes          
Protection of end of lamp life (EOL) Yes      
Weight 3.0kg/6.61lb      
Max. Lamp distance from ballast 15m/49ft      
Operating temperature range -30℃~+50℃      
Dimension (L X W X H) 391x108x70.8mm    
Max case temperature (T C) 90℃      
Safety and regulation IEC61347      
EMC EN55015      

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