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Emergency Lighting Kit
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Emergency Lighting Kit
Model #ZY-MH70W-A  
An Emergency Lighting Kit that gives stronger and much more powerful light!
Introduction This emergency lighting kit is a regular lighting system with automatic rechargeable batteries, which is able to work in different modes: 1. AC mode (Default mode): Work with 220V AC input, batteries rechargeable. 2. DC mode (Emergency mode): When main power is cut the kit can be shifted seamlessly from AC mode to emergency mode and keep working perfectly. Features of Emergency Lighting Kit 1. Lamp: 70W Metal Halide discharge x 1 2. Controlled by External controller switch 3. Integrated with High efficiency electronic ballast 4. Integrated with Ni-Cd Cell battery 5. Indicators showing main power On/Off and lamp connection status  
Applications of Emergency Lighting Kit Banks Basements Garages Super markets All indoor applications.  
Parametersof Emergency Lighting Kit Rated input voltage:AC 220Vac Input voltage range:168~268VAc / 12~24VDc Lamp for AC mode:70W/ MH Lamp for DC mode:50W/ MH (dimming from 70W to 50W) Time of emergency lighting:50min Charging time: 8h (under certain circumstances)  

We are a China-based emergency lighting kit manufacturer and supplier. We offer a wide range of products, including digital ballast, street lighting system, electronic ballast and more.

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