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Shenzhen TECHONE is professional manufacturer and supplier of electronic ballast in China and we have achieved ISO9001 certification. We can provide you with various kinds of electronic ballast, including 70W HPS electronic ballast, 250W digital ballast, 150W metal halide electronic ballast, 250W MH/HPS electronic ballast, etc. They can adapt to harsh environments. And we can also customize street lighting system according to your requirements. We put the product quality as the top priority of our production and carry out the production under the conception of energy saving and environment protection. Also we strictly control each link during the process of production. Thus, with highly stable property, we have got the CE and UL certifications and won trust of our clients. Our electronic ballast is widely applied to plant lighting, automobile lighting, architectural lighting, ship lighting, train lighting, mobile lighting, special explosion-proof lighting, industrial lighting supply, road and bridge lighting, stage lighting, performance lighting and scientific research lighting, etc.

Application examples
Plant lighting
Nowadays, the greenhouse culture technique has been widely spread in foreign developed countries. With the continuous development of this technique, some specialists find that, lighting has become a new point of restriction for the plant growth. To solve this problem, people find that the high pressure sodium electronic ballast can well help overcome the difficulty of the lack of illumination. Our product can supply enough luminous energy to the plant according to your requirement in order to help the plant to grow up healthily. The HID high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp which is produced for the fosterage of plant is designed in accordance with the principle of selective absorption of wavelength of plant during the growth. It can achieve the best effect on the crops light supplement. It is suitable for each growth phase of the plant. Through scientific and reasonable light supplement, the photosynthesis of the plant can be fully ensured. This enables the plant to have thick leaves, large root system and good growth, increase the resistance and the immunity of the plant, promote the prematurity and the increase of production of the plant, and improve the quality of the fruit as well. The HID high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp can also inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria and ovum in greenhouse, which reduces the pesticide consumption and alleviate the pollution towards environment and crops. This is just in accordance with the "green" trend nowaday.

Train electronic ballast
Shenzhen TECHONE, researches and develops independently the train electronic ballast. Il is one of the few manufacturers which can produce electronic ballast that can used safely in the trains. Our train electronic ballast has many special characters, such as low harmonic level (THD<10%) and constant power property (when the fluctuation of the electric network is not more than ±15%, it can still keep constant power output). It can realize warm start, so it can restart before cooling off. And this warm start technique takes the leading position of technology in train application field. Our train electronic ballast has a wide power supply range. When you choose 220V, the power supply range is 160V~260V, which is suitable for electric networks that has a large fluctuation. While 110V, the power supply range is 90V~308V. It also has long service life. Our train electronic ballast has been well-received in Europe, America, Japan and many other countries. Its foreign purchase quantity is comparatively large among our various products.

Street lighting
The electronic ballast and bulb produced by Shenzhen TECHONE is applied to lighting control system. It can adapt to harsh environment and can be widely used in street lighting system. We can also customize personalized lighting system according to your requirements.

In addition, if you have any need of emergency lighting kit, street lighting system, please do not hesitate to contact us. Shenzhen TECHONE is in Shenzhen and we sincerely hope to serve you!

UV Lighting
Although it is a new initiative that UV lighting uses HID lamps and digital ballast, we've been researching in this industry for over 3 years. At present, we have developed a series of 150 ~ 4200W electronic ballast for special UV lighting and we can provide corresponding services for clients' UV lighting water treatment projects.

Portable Lighting, Emergency Lighting
Small and medium-sized power digital electronic ballast can be applied in portable and emergency lighting field. Our 35/50/70W MH/HPS electronic ballast has the powerful function of AC-DC uninterrupted switch. It normally works at DC120~240V and DC10 ~ 30V voltage.
The emergency lighting fixture consisting of 70W MH lamp and electronic ballast is an exclusive product of TECHONE.

Outdoor Luminaire Lighting
TECHONE 150 ~ 600W digital ballast can be used in almost all outdoor lighting applications, including stages, roads, tunnels, bridges, buildings, and plazas, and more. Variety of dimming methods are available, such as key-press type digital dimming, 0-10V simulation dimming, and DMX dimming, among others.

  • 70W HPS Electronic BallastStrike voltage :3kV max
    Required lamp voltage : 85~130V
    Voltage input range: 100Vac~268Vac
    Input frequency : 50Hz~60Hz ...
  • 250W HPS Electronic Ballast Required lamp voltage : 85~130V
    Voltage input range :90Vac~268Vac / 168~268Vac
    Rating V. In : 120/220/230/240Vac ...
  • 400W HPS Electronic BallastInput frequency : 50Hz~60Hz
    Power factor :>0.99
    Voltage input range : 100Vac~268Vac
    Required lamp voltage :85~130V ...